Interview tips from Cobalt

It's normal to be nervous before an interview but you can overcome this by being prepared. You would then be in a more confident position when you face the interviewer. Here are some do's and donts to help you at interviews.


Interview Do’s

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes early for the interview.
  • Look and dress professionally.
  • Take a copy of your CV and cover letter with you. Only take examples of your work if it's appropriate. It will show that you are organised.
  • You must research about the company before going to the interview and prepare to explain what you know about it.
  • Before going for the interview think about why you are right for the job and what you will bring to the company. This will help to calm your nerves.
  • Listen carefully to questions. Don't panic if you are unsure what a question means; ask the interviewer to repeat the question or ask for clarification.
  • Pause before answering a question. It will give you time to gather your thoughts.
  • Prepare questions in advance to ask the interview panel.
  • Stay positive, show your enthusiasm and how keen you are to work for the employer.

Interview Don'ts

  • Answer your phone (it should be switched off)
  • Interrupt when the interviewer is speaking.
  • Use slang language.
  • Lie about your experience, skills and qualifications. Lying might get you the job, but you will almost certainly get caught out later. Honesty is always the best policy.

Please feel free to share with us in the comments box below your experience and preparation tips for  job interviews. Perhaps other candidates might learn something from your experience.

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