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The MENA Recruitment market has sparked an influx of differing views and thoughts in the recent weeks. I personally have received constant questions and false preconceived notions around it. Below I will answer the questions I have received and put these false rumours to rest once and for all!

Are people recruiting now? Yes! Despite the oil and gas sector having a slight set back in terms of recruitment, other sectors have flourished and seen major growth and expansion. There is a constant demand for new talent as always and overall the recruitment market is stable.

Will 2016 be similar to 2010? No! This assumption may have arisen from not looking at the bigger picture. Back in 2010 vast swathes of the world’s economies were in a serious recession, Dubai especially suffered at this time due to this Global Crisis. However, today is different with the economy in a much healthier position, even with China prompted market wobbles as a backdrop - there is much to be positive about in the scheme of things.

Is everything going downhill with Dubai on the slide? No! This rumour is definitely a dramatization and is simply market gossip. Looking back a few years, market gossip said that the market was at its peak and Dubai was back booming - yet it wasn’t. The truth was that things were simply stable and on the up. Currently the market rumours imply we are in a plunge and sliding downward but we’re not, conditions are more of a challenge and one or 2 sectors are struggling. Talented individuals will always find good jobs and succeed, as long as they speak with experienced, good recruitment firms, which is where Cobalt Recruitment comes into the picture.

There will always be those who disagree with the above. Only time will tell what the market really holds for us all in 2016. An important point to make is that at Cobalt we do not recruit into the oil and gas sector, which gives us an outside view and opinion. The false perceptions of the market’s deterioration are certainly dramatized and I have a feeling that will remain true throughout the year. I can say we are certainly busy and on the go just now!

Article written by James Wakefield, Managing Director at Cobalt. 

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