resignation letter Florendo Padilla from our Shared Services team answers your questions.

I recently joined a company but I am not happy. My employer has already processed my visa but I am thinking of resigning and finding a new job elsewhere. What are the things I should know about and should do before resigning?

This is a very common scenario with candidates joining a company and after a few months wanting to leave because they’ve either found a better offer elsewhere or are dissatisfied with their current employer.

Firstly to avoid such occurrence, we encourage candidates to do their research on the organisation they are joining. If you know people within the organisation, find out as much information about the company – the culture, management style, the people and other conditions of the job. This will help you decide if indeed you want to be part of that organization.

However, if in spite of having done your research and you still find yourself wanting to leave the company you’ve just recently joined, there are a number of things to consider:

  1. Have you signed a limited or unlimited contract? If you are on a limited contract, you are required to complete your contract, otherwise you may get an automatic ban. However, it might be possible to have the ban lifted depending on the salary you get in your new job and the type of educational certificate you hold.

  2. Is your current employer a government, semi-government or a free zone based entity?

  3. How much notice do you need to give your current employer? 

  4. How likely is your current employer to impose a ban when they cancel your visa?

Whatever your case, it is important to read your employment contract carefully and when in doubt, we strongly suggest contacting the Ministry of Labour on 800-665 or their international hotline number on +971 4-214 8000 or check their website.

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