Cobalt MENA Salary Survey The data has been compiled from our clients and candidates and we canvassed the opinions of Analysts, AVPs, Directors through to CFOs and CEOs.

How does your salary & bonus measure up?

Some of the highlights include:

  • 45% of Banking & Financial Services professionals expect 10-25% of annual salary in cash bonuses this year.

  • 90% of respondents are expecting to receive a pay increase this year with the majority expecting between 7 and 10%

James Wakefield – Managing Director, International for Cobalt, comments:

“Despite the slowing in trading volumes in the Middle East, our survey reveals a positive outlook for the financial services recruitment market in 2015. We expect to see greater global competition for the best talent as the major money centres in the US, UK and Asia all continue to grow so it will be interesting to see how these results compare in 2016 as employers offer increased packages. Those MENA firms that wish to attract the best global talent will have to take greater notice of what other markets are paying and how efficiently recruitment processes are now being managed overseas if they are to be competitive in 2015.”

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